"We Are Free" Killer Declared Copycat

June 11, 2076

As a follow up to the story we ran earlier today, Knight Errant has just declared Redmond’s latest “We Are Free” killing the work of a copycat. Last night’s victim, whose name has still not been released, was apparently a SINless male human not connected to the medical industry in any way. The murder itself appeared to be a crime of opportunity and not the methodically planned work of the deadly cult. Knight Errant claims to have several leads on the identity of the killer and that an arrest will occur any day now. When directly ask, the KE spokesperson declined to comment on if the latest murder was the work of the same killer as last week’s killing and refused to speculate on why a copycat would use the “We Are Free” signature. Unofficially, an unnamed source inside Knight Errant did leak that the two crime scenes had some matching forensic evidence.