Sprawl-Wide Celebrations Planned For 4th of July

June 26, 2076

The Fourth of July isn’t quite the same celebration now in the UCAS that it was decades ago in the old USA, but it still gives a lot of people a good reason for a mid-summer party. Especially this year with the 300th anniversary or Tri-Centennial of the signing of the Deceleration on Independence, interest in the holiday is at an all time high. With so much excitement being generated a number of celebrations are planned for the Fourth right here in Redmond. Governor Brackhaven previously announced that he would be financing Firework and Magic displays at each District City hall in the Metro-Plex and Mayor Scholl had confirmed that it is scheduled to happen. Another major party planned will be happening at the Funhouse east of the Strip, the dragon Urubia has promised a display of illusion magic that will surpass anything that a human mage would be capable of. Word is that a number of nightclubs along the strip, including the Jade Falcon and the Union will also have special celebrations.