Serial Killer Cult Active In Redmond

June 2, 2076

Carl Phang the owner and operator of Bob’s Beer Factory (with a notorious body shop in the back room), located just south of the Strip, was found dismembered in his shop this morning. Normally one murder wouldn’t make the news here in Redmond but written in blood along the side of the building were the words “We Are Free” implying that Carl was a victim of the notorious murder cult. Higher up’s in Knight Errant must be taking it as a serious possibility as they have sent a full forensics crew to run the investigation. There is no indication yet from KE as to if the method of operation and forensic clues are consistent with the cult or not. Carl Phang does however fit the victim profile of the cult that has 186 confirmed kills worldwide. Every victim to date has been a medical doctor and Carl was known to operate as a street doc, even claiming to have a medical degree from a top notch university in China. The individual “We Are Free” killers tend to stay in an area, murdering until they are captured or killed. Strangely though, despite the fact that over a dozen killers have been identified, each operating in exactly the same manner, no one has been able to prove their connection and uncover the cult itself. We may know soon if it’s really a cult member (With the evidence of a rising body count) or if it's just a one-off copycat trying for some publicity.