Seattle's East Olympic Park Nears Completion

May 25, 2076

The Metroplex Olympic Commission has had more than its share of scandal, corruption and setbacks but despite these problems the opening date draws ever closer. The East Olympic Park, claiming a large part of southeast Redmond, that was once six months behind schedule is now reported to be “close to ready”. Project manager Thomas Walks-With-Wolves assured the press that the entire facility will be completed several weeks before the August 9th Opening Ceremonies. He claims that the key to getting back on schedule (and saving millions in construction costs) was to repurpose the volcanic ash form the Verge into a concrete-like building material base. This eliminated the problem of clearing the ash from the area and provided a ready source of construction material. Walks-With-Wolves claims that the process was devised by Federated Boeing, the former owner of the property, who is planning to patent and market the procedure as “Nu-Crete”. With the tremendous quantity of ash in the southeast Metroplex it’s sure to be a moneymaker.