Peoples Militia Corners "We Are Free" Killer

June 12, 2076

Just 24 hours after the last killing, the “We Are Free” copycat killer has struck again. This time however he had the misfortune of committing his crime just as a patrol from Redmond’s own Peoples Militia came by. The trademark “We Are Free” could be seen half finished on the nearby wall as the troopers approached. The interrupted killer engaged the militia members in a brief gun battle but fortunately the politiclub’s members were ones that have been issued the new Ares armor and weapons. The outcome was inevitable and left the killer lying in a pool of his own blood. Knight Errant investigators arrived on the scene swiftly to processes both the victim and the subdued killer. Within an hour they had declared that the case was closed. Unfortunately the killer as well as the latest victim were both SINnless individuals, with no other identification, so we may never know that true motive behind these three murders. Last item of note is that another source, reporting from Redmond’s rather deep shadows, claims that this is a cover up and the actual killer has some connection the Peoples Militia itself. No evidence for this claim was provided however.