Monster Loose On Touristville Streets?

May 27, 2076

The venerable Seamstress Union Hall in Touristville had a new decoration over the bar for a few hours last night, the severed head of an apparently mutated troll. If the story related to me by my friend Crimson Johnny is true (and he had it first hand from one of the Shadowrunners involved) said troll was actually an HMHVV type 1 infected individual that was preying on the local squatters. I have heard some stories of people disappearing of the streets earlier this week so I guess I will give this team and the owner of the Union the benefit of doubt. However, once word got around about the “trophy” a small delegation from the Sons of Sauron came by the Union to let Ms. Coyote know that they felt the display of a metahuman head, regardless of the circumstances, was in bad taste (I assume that the request was worded a little differently). After a brief negotiation between the SoS and the Unions chief of security the Sons agreed to leave quietly and Coyote agreed to remove the offending item. I guess at this point we will never know if it was truly a supernatural horror or just some poor deranged soul from the radiated hell of Glow City. Either way, I believe that lives were saved, so thanks are due to this unknown crew of Shadowruners.