Insect Spirit Hive Found In Redmond

June 20, 2076

This afternoon the mangled remains a fully formed Insect Spirit was set out for all to see on the steps of the Redmond City Hall. The terrifying display was set there as proof of an insect hive just discovered in the Brain Haven area of South Redmond. A Peoples Militia strike team had discovered the nest while in the process of recovering some equipment stolen from an Ares transport convoy. Clues had led investigators to believe that the culprits in the theft were the Redmond gang known as “the Spiders”. As the strike team surrounded a known Spiders hideout they came under attack by both flesh-form insect spirits and a powerful toxic shaman from the gang. After a pitched battle the spirits were destroyed but unfortunately the Spider Shaman managed to flee from the scene during the battle. When informed of the battle Nicholas Blake decided that the best course was to get as many resources as possible involved in dealing with the threat. He arranged to have the remains of one of the disgusting things delivered to the office of Mayor Scholl in an effort to force her to take action. He has also taken the rather extreme measure of personally offering a bounty of 20,000 Nuyen for the capture of the leader of the Spiders, a toxic shaman using the name Widow and 10,000 for any of the other shamans associated with the Spiders. We have no word yet of what action the current District Government will take.