Damage Minimal After 4th of July Celebrations

July 5th, 2076

Today the Metroplex is still sleeping off the hangover from the Tri-Centennial 4th of July celebrations. Overall the reported damage and violence were up slightly from projections. Knight Errant reported 2,455 actions taken, 35% higher than a normal weekday, but luckily both fires responded to and homicides were lower than projections. Here in Redmond we don’t have such well reported numbers but overall things seemed generally relaxed and friendly. The festivities sponsored by the district government, the dragon Urubia, the local bars and taverns all seemed to promote a friendly atmosphere that saw people from different gangs and backgrounds getting along fairly well. If fact the only homicide officially reported in Redmond was one probably unrelated to the festivities, at the Novelty Hill Sleep and Eat, a notoriously unsafe place any day of the year.