Conspiracy At Work? Missing FBI Agent Found Dead

July 8th, 2076

Our own local blogger Johnny Crimson came across a news story buried in the daily stream of information this morning and quickly put two and two together, coming up with five. Yesterday afternoon a former FBI agent by the name of Seth Dietrich was reportedly murdered by persons unknown at the Fort Lewis Zoological Gardens. Why is that important you ask, according to Johnny this is the same agent that was the key witness in District Attorney Dana Oak’s grand jury that was formed to charge Governor Brackhaven with corruption in late 74. The same agent that went missing the day after last year’s election causing that grand jury to fall apart. The same agent that the Mafia and some others all started tearing up Redmond looking for news of about two days ago. Then this guy suddenly turns up “murdered by persons unknown” after being missing for 18 months? Is this a Brackhaven cover-up, a wider government conspiracy or just bulldreck, I guess you’ll have to decide yourself. Me? I think I’ll wait and see.