June 6, 2076

If you’ve been within range of any device of with a news feed during the last 36 hours you have heard something about Boston. The official story from The UCAS government is that it’s a “virulent strain of encephalitis” but so far the little bit of evidence that’s leaked out does not seem to support this. Whether a sudden onslaught of encephalitis is the root cause of the outbreak or not it appears to have started in the early morning hours yesterday. During the daylight hours the National Guard was mobilized and a cordon was put in place around the city by the UCAS military, blocking all movement in or out of the area. At Midnight EST a full matrix lockdown went into effect blocking all communication in or out of the city. Officials have refused to explain why a “virulent strain of encephalitis” requires a matrix lockout. Rumors that slipped out before the lockdown claim that whatever happened was related to the dragon attack on the MIT&T campus, the NeoNet towers and Fenway Park on the evening of the 4th. I hate to say this but I have to agree with some of my shadow sources when they said “it’s Chicago all over”, time will tell.