Brightway Foods Has A Stuffer Hit With Yum-Yum

May 17, 2076

A little known nutra-paste manufacturer located in west Redmond, Brightway Foods,  is hitting a "Stuffer Treat" home run on its very first time up to bat. The limited test market release of the gooey golden syrup named Yum-Yum has been a wild success. So much in fact that the scattered Metroplex Stuffer Shacks chosen to receive the test marketing stock have completely sold out in less than 48 hours. Store Managers say the people keep coming in looking for more "I could have sold five times what they sent" claims one Stuffer Shack manager. The company’s representative, Carlos Markwell, said today that the owners were extremely pleased with Yum-Yum’s initial reception and that they would be ramping up production so that it can be distributed sprawl wide. When ask just what makes Yum-Yum so delicious Mr Markwell, of course, just smiled and said “that’s a secret”.