Blake Outmaneuveres Scholl On Headcase Funding

June 13, 2076

Nicholas Blake scored a major political coup today in his battle for the upcoming mayoral seat. This morning he announced that he has secured funding for a new clinic and quarantine center for CFD victims. Mr. Blake was vague on exactly where the nuyen was coming from and would only state that a wealthy and concerned donor, who preferred to remain anonymous, had funded the project. Cognitive Fragmentation Disorder, commonly known as Head Crash, is a mystery contagion spread by an unknown vector that apparently only strikes those with cybernetic or nanotech enhancement. In addition to the clinic and quarantine compound being set up in the old Microsoft Campus, Peoples Militia members are being trained in picking up and handling suspected Headcases. CFD symptoms include confusion, disorientation, sudden personality shifts and claims of “lost time”. If you know anyone with these symptoms contact the Peoples Militia CFD Taskforce at commcode CFD-EMR-0909 immediately so trained Militia members can get a potentially contagious individual off the street