2076 UCAS Presidential Election Update

Aug 5, 2076

If you’ve been spending your time anywhere around the Redmond Strip this summer you may think that the Scholl v Blake mayoral election is the only political contest out there. But you know there IS a presidential election on the ballet coming up in just over 90 days. Here is a quick look at the top 4 candidates, if you want a more in-depth review follow this link. >>>> Dirty Tricks, (4th Ed), P 64-66<<<<

President Angela Colloton (Republican) Polling at 31%: She’s the incumbent and coming off of her second term with some strong years. She’s had her share of shake-ups; bugs working with the CIA, distancing the UCAS from Ares, accusations of New Revolution involvement, but overall she may have just enough positive appeal to win a third term. 

Senator Branigan Dane (Democrat) Polling at 29%: It’s been a while since the Democrats have managed a solid Presidential hopeful, but Dane, currently a senator for Illinois, is their best chance in decades. He’s handsome, charismatic, an MIT&T graduate, and a smooth speaker. Word is that he’s also a genuinely likable guy.

Rozilyn Hernandez (New Century) Polling at 12%: She’s been on nearly every ballot since the days of the late great President Dunkelzahn and she’s still looking for that  spot behind the big desk. 

James Booth (Technocrat) Polling at 7%: They say the cream rises to the top; so does the drek. He’s experienced and he hasn’t completely lost the support of his party, but he’s really not anyone’s top choice. Being an impeached former veep will do that to a guy.

As far as the rest go, the Archconservative Party , Libertarian Party, and the New Century Party candidates, along with a handful of independents are splitting the remaining 20% of the polls at about at about 3 - 4% of the polling numbers each.


Second Attack on Olympic Torch

Aug 4, 2076

As the Olympic torch works its way slowly towards the Federated Boeing Olympic Coliseum for opening ceremonies on the 7th, another torch bearer has been the target of a deadly attack. The Knight Errant escort once again protected the runners from the sniper attack but 2 bystanders were killed and 15 more were injured when a series of pre-planted explosive charges were detonated near the ambush site. The group claiming responsibility is a new Neo-Anarchist splinter faction going by the name of Phantom, no details are known about this shadowy new terrorist organization except for the information contained in its rambling anti-megacorporate manifesto posted on various matrix sites.

Aztlan Officals Cry Sabotage in Doping Scandal

Aug 3rd, 2076

>>> A little local something forwarded from the AP’s international news feed <<<

AP-NewsNet (A Horizon Company) - Aztlan officials filed formal complaints with the International Olympic Commission today claiming that the national team has been the victim of sabotage and that their athletes have been unfairly barred from completion. As proof of this supposed sabotage the Aztlan Director of Cultural Affairs, Ricardo Vargas, released this footage from his cybereye datacore. >>> Link to Video <<< As you can see, this video shows an apparently wheelchair bound oriental woman dressed in a Marriot - Downtown Seattle Hotel security officers uniform examining the commlinks of the athletes and coaches as they entered a welcoming banquet at the Marriot - Downtown Seattle. Vargas claims that this woman is in fact a Shadowrunner hired to load incriminating evidence onto the attendants’ commlinks while her accomplices somehow slipped the banned performance enhancing substance into the athlete’s meals. He also cited an unnamed source that claimed that this search was not a “standard hotel procedure” and that her supervisor had even directly told her to stop performing it after he noticed it was ongoing.

Marriot Hotels (a Horizon subsidiary) responded with a statement that Ms. Mayumi Starr was a recent transfer from the Marriot - Downtown Tokyo where security is far more stringent and that she was unaware of the local protocols. They further stated that Ms. Starr had not been seen since her last shift at the Marriot - Downtown Seattle Hotel and went just short of accusing Aztlan officials of foul play in an effort to fabricate her involvement. A Marriot Corporate spokesman also informed the assembled press that the kitchen in the Marriot - Downtown Seattle Hotel banquet facility is equipped with state of the art chemical sensors and the if any such agent were introduced into the food it would have immediately triggered an alarm.

The latest news is that Senior Vargas is returning to Tenochtitlan later today to explain the situation to his superiors in the Aztlan government.  

Aztlan Olympic Team Fails Drug Screening

July 30th, 2076

A major scandal seems to be brewing before the Seattle 2076 Summer Olympics even gets underway. As athlete’s began reporting to the Olympic General Medical Facility (owned, built and operated by Federated Boeing) for the mandatory pre-competition drug screening today, the center received a call from an anonymous whistleblower. This caller claimed that the Aztlan government had promoted the use of an obscure, outrageously expensive, performance enhancing drug that, while banned, was not regularly screened for. Sure enough, when the officials expanded the drug screenings to include this test many of the Aztlan athletes’ tested positive. Several of the coaches were then brought in for questioning and a quick forensic exanimation of their commlinks revealed a series of deleted emails outlining the doping plan. Currently 90 out of the 140 Aztlan athletes attending the Summer Olympics have tested positive and have been suspended from participation.  

Security Guard Foils Toxic Terrorist

July 28th, 2076

Federated Boeing security guard Vinnie Tudroe is the newest hero of the Metroplex today after single handedly stopping one of the notorious toxic shamans of the Isotopes wiz-gang. The would-be terrorist was attempting to contaminate the water supply at the new Olympic Venue Water Purification Center (owned, built and operated by Federated Boeing) with a barrel of nuclear waste when he was surprised by Vinnie. With a single amazingly well placed shot from extreme pistol range Vinnie ruptured a magical preparation that the toxic shaman was carrying, instantly freezing the villain solid with his own magic. At first the humble hero denied any knowledge of the incident but after being shown the video he reluctantly admitted that he “just didn’t want to get in trouble for being out of his assigned area”, lucky for us that he was. Governor Brackhaven has invited the hero of the hour to Metroplex Center to be awarded the Citizens Metal of Honor next week during an upcoming Olympic Celebration.  

Governor and Chief Cut Ribbon on New Coliseum

July 27th, 2076

Governor Brackhaven and Chief Harold Grey Bear, representing the Salish-Shidhe Council, jointly cut the ribbon at the Federated Boeing Olympic Coliseum today, officially opening the 2076 Summer Olympic Park. This is the beginning of the end for the 6-year joint project between Metroplex Government and the Salish-Shidhe Council that has certainly had its share of detractors and critics. The Olympic Park itself straddles both UCAS and NAN territory, primarily occupying an underdeveloped area covered in pyroclastic ash from Mt Rainier known as The Verge. Federated Bowing began investing in the area several years ago, buying property and experimenting with ways to use the ash as a construction material.

Hollywood Sims Signs Rising Star - Queen Aynia

July 26th, 2076

Redmond’s own Hollywood Sims scored a major coup today with the signing of rising Tir-na-nOg simstar Queen Aynia. The flame-haired elven beauty with alabaster skin and emerald green eyes is considered by some on the Emerald Isle to be a national treasure and convincing her to come to the Emerald City for a 6-sim recording deal is a sign that Hollywood Sims is truly moving up in the soft-core-porn sim entertainment world. No production schedule has been released as yet, but the lady is sure to draw enough attention that keeping her arrival in Seattle “under wraps” will prove to be an impossible feat.

Oakes Announces New Grand Jury

July 25th, 2076

Seattle District Attorney Dana Oakes announced today in a press conference that “in light of new evidence that has been brought to my attention” she would soon be re-empanelling a Grand Jury to restart the process of  charging Governor Brackhaven with a long laundry-list of crimes. The original Grand Jury formed to investigate corruption charges made headlines in November of ’74 but was disbanded due to he disappearance of several key witnesses. This latest announcement is just two weeks after the leak of the Operation Daybreak file and most political pundits are speculating that the two events are connected. When asked for comment a spokesman for the Brackhaven Administration simply stated that the accusations were baseless slander and nothing but political mud-slinging by Ms Oaks.


Yum-Yum Sends Brightway Value Skyrocketing

July 22nd, 2076

In a new corporate valuation report submitted today to the Metroplex Government, Brightway Foods, an independent local Redmond company, was listed as the fastest growing business in Greater Seattle. In fact gross sales have increased by a factor of 10 in the last 60 days, far outpacing all of its other competitors. When ask to comment John Markwell, the company’s representative, stated that the sales program for the new product Yum-Yum has been wildly successful and that they would be growing faster if there was any way to increase production to meet demand.  

Brightway foods success has not gone unnoticed by others either. Mexi-Grain, an Aztechnology Subsidiary, has just announced plans to release it’s new product “Triple-Yum” stating that “It’s Three Times The Yum”. An unnamed source did however point out that because Mexi-Grain is currently dealing with the ongoing Central American food shortage, caused by the Atz-Am war and Hurricane Donald, production will be limited to the Seattle test market competing head to head with Yum-Yum.

Hunt For "Spiders" Still Unsuccessful

July 20th, 2076

As a follow up to last month’s story we ask Redmond’s local Politiclub leader Nicholas Blake how the hunt tracking down the insect shaman leaders of The Spiders gang was progressing. Despite the fact that Blake had personally offered a bounty of 20,000 Nuyen for the capture of the leader “Widow” and a further 10,000 for any of the other shamans associated with The Spiders he has produced no results. The gang is still at large, presumably hiding out somewhere in the barrens. Blake claims to have several leads as to their whereabouts and claims it’s only a matter of time. As a side note Mr. Blake as now amended his bounty offer to “Dead” or Captured.

Riot at Brackhaven Investments - Dragon Vs. Dragon Above Seattle

July 18th 2076

The planned protest in front of Brackhaven Investments predictably escalated out of control and into a full scale riot last night. In response to the announced march and protest the Governor deployed the Metroplex Guard to protect his downtown property. The Guard’s typical heavy handed response agitated the crowd and before long shots were fired, creating a general melee involving both sides.

Somehow, during the confusion, a group of protesters managed to make their way to the top floor of Brackhaven Investments tower and steal the Governors private Ares Dragon helicopter. The owner of Stoddard Security, the Western Dragon Drexler, was inside the building lobby at the time, supposedly taking direct charge of the building security in his human guise. He immediately stepped outside and in sight of the rioting crowd transformed into his full Dracoform, launching himself into the sky to give pursuit to the fleeing helicopter. As you can imagine, this scene quickly scattered the riots remaining participants. News regarding the outcome of this Dragon vs. Dragon chase was not readily available; the last reported sighting of the pair was as they were heading out of town to the North East. As of late this morning Stoddard Security and the Governor’s Office have not responded to any requests for information, but there are no reports of burning wreckage, leading some to believe that the protesters managed to somehow get away. Rumors are that the Governor is now reviewing his contract with Stoddard Security.



Brackhaven Bombshell - Operation Daybreak

July 15th, 2076

Unidentified sources have leaked a document to all of the Metroplex news outlets late last night. If it’s proven to be legitimate, it could result in a new round of legal trouble for Governor Brackhaven. Experts that have looked over the file have been divided on its authenticity, some calling it an obvious fake and others claiming that it’s authentic. Some have also questioned the close timing of this leaked document to the Seth Dietrich assassination, claiming that the two events are connected. Both the Governor’s office and the Seattle District Attorney’s Office have refused to commitment on the leaked document. The doubts about authenticity haven’t stopped local meta-rights activists from planning a march and demonstration at Brackhaven Investments, the word so far it that the demonstration will be in two days on July17th. 

FYI, here is the document we received, presented for you to make your own mind up about it.


Operation Daybreak.JPG

Conspiracy At Work? Missing FBI Agent Found Dead

July 8th, 2076

Our own local blogger Johnny Crimson came across a news story buried in the daily stream of information this morning and quickly put two and two together, coming up with five. Yesterday afternoon a former FBI agent by the name of Seth Dietrich was reportedly murdered by persons unknown at the Fort Lewis Zoological Gardens. Why is that important you ask, according to Johnny this is the same agent that was the key witness in District Attorney Dana Oak’s grand jury that was formed to charge Governor Brackhaven with corruption in late 74. The same agent that went missing the day after last year’s election causing that grand jury to fall apart. The same agent that the Mafia and some others all started tearing up Redmond looking for news of about two days ago. Then this guy suddenly turns up “murdered by persons unknown” after being missing for 18 months? Is this a Brackhaven cover-up, a wider government conspiracy or just bulldreck, I guess you’ll have to decide yourself. Me? I think I’ll wait and see.


Damage Minimal After 4th of July Celebrations

July 5th, 2076

Today the Metroplex is still sleeping off the hangover from the Tri-Centennial 4th of July celebrations. Overall the reported damage and violence were up slightly from projections. Knight Errant reported 2,455 actions taken, 35% higher than a normal weekday, but luckily both fires responded to and homicides were lower than projections. Here in Redmond we don’t have such well reported numbers but overall things seemed generally relaxed and friendly. The festivities sponsored by the district government, the dragon Urubia, the local bars and taverns all seemed to promote a friendly atmosphere that saw people from different gangs and backgrounds getting along fairly well. If fact the only homicide officially reported in Redmond was one probably unrelated to the festivities, at the Novelty Hill Sleep and Eat, a notoriously unsafe place any day of the year.

Sprawl-Wide Celebrations Planned For 4th of July

June 26, 2076

The Fourth of July isn’t quite the same celebration now in the UCAS that it was decades ago in the old USA, but it still gives a lot of people a good reason for a mid-summer party. Especially this year with the 300th anniversary or Tri-Centennial of the signing of the Deceleration on Independence, interest in the holiday is at an all time high. With so much excitement being generated a number of celebrations are planned for the Fourth right here in Redmond. Governor Brackhaven previously announced that he would be financing Firework and Magic displays at each District City hall in the Metro-Plex and Mayor Scholl had confirmed that it is scheduled to happen. Another major party planned will be happening at the Funhouse east of the Strip, the dragon Urubia has promised a display of illusion magic that will surpass anything that a human mage would be capable of. Word is that a number of nightclubs along the strip, including the Jade Falcon and the Union will also have special celebrations.

Insect Spirit Hive Found In Redmond

June 20, 2076

This afternoon the mangled remains a fully formed Insect Spirit was set out for all to see on the steps of the Redmond City Hall. The terrifying display was set there as proof of an insect hive just discovered in the Brain Haven area of South Redmond. A Peoples Militia strike team had discovered the nest while in the process of recovering some equipment stolen from an Ares transport convoy. Clues had led investigators to believe that the culprits in the theft were the Redmond gang known as “the Spiders”. As the strike team surrounded a known Spiders hideout they came under attack by both flesh-form insect spirits and a powerful toxic shaman from the gang. After a pitched battle the spirits were destroyed but unfortunately the Spider Shaman managed to flee from the scene during the battle. When informed of the battle Nicholas Blake decided that the best course was to get as many resources as possible involved in dealing with the threat. He arranged to have the remains of one of the disgusting things delivered to the office of Mayor Scholl in an effort to force her to take action. He has also taken the rather extreme measure of personally offering a bounty of 20,000 Nuyen for the capture of the leader of the Spiders, a toxic shaman using the name Widow and 10,000 for any of the other shamans associated with the Spiders. We have no word yet of what action the current District Government will take.

Yum-Yum from Brightway Foods Now In Full Production

June 18, 2076

Brightway Foods, a Redmond nutra-paste manufacturer, announced today that its new stuffer treat Yum-Yum is in full production. The limited test market release conducted last month exceeded all expectations and prompted Brightway to ramp up to its maximum output at an aggressive pace. When asked if the increased production would create any employment opportunities the company representative, John Markwell, stated that the factory was fully automated but that some transportation jobs may be available from their contractors. Metroplex area Stuffer Shacks should have plenty of the gooey golden stuffer treat on hand as early as tomorrow afternoon. At the moment Brightway Foods has no plans to make Yum-Yum available anywhere outside of the Seattle Metroplex area.

Peoples Militia Now Official Law Enforcement

June 15, 2076

Nicholas Blake just can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight this week. He and Captain James Schwarzkopf of Knight Errant just sent out a major announcement by joint press release. The Peoples Militia was deputized today as a volunteer law enforcement organization under Knight Errant’s Seattle Metroplex security contract. What this means is that Peoples Militia squad members will now have close to the same authority as Knight Errant officers when it comes to enforcing the law in the Redmond district. After decades of minimal law enforcement this has the potential to be a huge change for Redmond residents. As of now patrols will only be in the Touristville area. Expansion to other District areas are planned and will take place as fast as the Peoples Militia can recruit, train and equip new volunteers.

Blake Outmaneuveres Scholl On Headcase Funding

June 13, 2076

Nicholas Blake scored a major political coup today in his battle for the upcoming mayoral seat. This morning he announced that he has secured funding for a new clinic and quarantine center for CFD victims. Mr. Blake was vague on exactly where the nuyen was coming from and would only state that a wealthy and concerned donor, who preferred to remain anonymous, had funded the project. Cognitive Fragmentation Disorder, commonly known as Head Crash, is a mystery contagion spread by an unknown vector that apparently only strikes those with cybernetic or nanotech enhancement. In addition to the clinic and quarantine compound being set up in the old Microsoft Campus, Peoples Militia members are being trained in picking up and handling suspected Headcases. CFD symptoms include confusion, disorientation, sudden personality shifts and claims of “lost time”. If you know anyone with these symptoms contact the Peoples Militia CFD Taskforce at commcode CFD-EMR-0909 immediately so trained Militia members can get a potentially contagious individual off the street

Peoples Militia Corners "We Are Free" Killer

June 12, 2076

Just 24 hours after the last killing, the “We Are Free” copycat killer has struck again. This time however he had the misfortune of committing his crime just as a patrol from Redmond’s own Peoples Militia came by. The trademark “We Are Free” could be seen half finished on the nearby wall as the troopers approached. The interrupted killer engaged the militia members in a brief gun battle but fortunately the politiclub’s members were ones that have been issued the new Ares armor and weapons. The outcome was inevitable and left the killer lying in a pool of his own blood. Knight Errant investigators arrived on the scene swiftly to processes both the victim and the subdued killer. Within an hour they had declared that the case was closed. Unfortunately the killer as well as the latest victim were both SINnless individuals, with no other identification, so we may never know that true motive behind these three murders. Last item of note is that another source, reporting from Redmond’s rather deep shadows, claims that this is a cover up and the actual killer has some connection the Peoples Militia itself. No evidence for this claim was provided however.