Wuxing Announced New Compound

January 19th, 2080

In the light of all of the recent attacks, Wuxing has announced that they have made a break through in a compound for the hmhvv. They are saying that it is a strain III inhibitor. The break through happened yesterday after one of their researchers had a eureka moment and figured out something about aztechnologies strain II inhibitor and why it doesn't work on strain III. Dr. Ricard, a local professor at Mile High University, gave us a call and had this to say on the matter.

"The research wuxing is claiming came from one of their researchers sounds a lot like a research paper I am working on for the university. Until the exact research is released or the compound is sold I won't be able to say for sure. However if this turns out to be true, wuxing will be hearing from the universities lawyers."

When asked to comment on this statment wuxing did not respond. If we get a response from wuxing in the coming days we will update you the readers.