Wallace Thomas attacked

January 18th, 2080

Yesterday, while everyone's eyes were on Hudson, Wallace Thomas was attacked. Thomas was on a business trip to the FRFZ when he was attacked in a parking garage near the spiritech building near bolder. Like the last personal attack, Mr. Thomas managed to deffend himself and came out with only minor scratches. Mr. Thomas had this to say on it

"It was very strange when I was walking towards my car I heard what sounded like a pack of wild animals. That was when the sound got closer, I noticed it was ghouls so I pulled out my knife incase I couldn't make it to the top floor fast enough and had to fight some off. I got lucky though, their numbers were so great that they had trouble getting up the stairs. When ZDF arrived the ghouls were gone, and there was barely any trace of them."

It seems that these ghouls are taking bigger and bigger risks, to attack in the daylight like this is strange. The ZDF are reporting that they are finding evidence of only 3 ghouls, and are suspecting someone was using illusion magic on Mr. Thomas to confuse him. If anyone has any leads on who is behind these attacks they are to contact the ZDF tip line at DEN-0933