NeoNET is down

December 4th, 2079

After the events of Boston lockdown NeoNET is in big trouble, Erika and Novatech pulled out of the merged mega that was NeoNET. This left only Villers at the helm when he took the fall for Boston. Villers and what remains of NeoNET were taken to court by the UCAS who wanted them to make a disaster relief fund consisting of hundreds of billions of nuyen as well as kicking villers off of the corporate court. This is the first time Villers has ever not been on the court since its founding. He is not allowed to take his seat back for 10 years. He leased the seat out to Spinrad Global, which is some how within his right still after this ruling. This means we will have 10 years of Spinrad global on the court as the replacement for NeoNET as a AAA corp. This will be interesting.