Local Estate attacked by ghouls?

January 15th, 2080

An Estate owned by a local who has lived here since the awakening was attacked last night. The estate belonged to a free drake who is known for helping the Draco foundation with artifact collection. Ghostwalker is denying any and all responsibility for the attack itself; although he is taking responsibility for the failure of the drakes safety, claiming "any free drake working for the draco foundation and living in the FRFZ is supposed to have the security level equal to his own drakes". The Police report that is released by the ZDF states that the estate was attacked by what appears to be an army of ghouls. The estate owner, an ork who calls herself Blitz, told us that the ghouls were led by a pair of vampires. She was able to kill both vampires, however she came out of the attack with a few scratches from the incident. The estate is currently being cleaned up by ZDF and front range disease control forces. There are rewards out for information on the attack ranging from 100 to 10,000 nuyen in value. Contact the ZDF at DEN-1933.