Johnny Spinrad calls 2080 The Year of Spinrad,” has 365 days of celebration planned

Johnny Spinrad, CEO of Spinrad Global, announced to be the newest member of the Corporate Court. He is replacing Richard Villers who was CEO of NeoNET. After NeoNET was charged with being at fault for Boston, Villers was removed from the Corporate Court (CC). Since Villers is one of the founding members of the court, he has what many call a golden ticket. This means that he can not be completely removed from the court, the court only ruled that he could not be on the court for 10 years. This is where Spinrad comes in, we have sources saying that after Villers left the court room he met with Spinrad and leased his seat to Spinrad for 10 years. This deal between the two turned out to be a legal move by Villers and thus put Spinrad on the court and turned Spinrad Global from a AA mega to a AAA mega overnight. Spinrad later made a press release about the change in classification for Spinrad.

“With the new classification of Spinrad global to AAA just before the years end, this will make 2080 the year of Spinrad. We will be expanding in many locations and these expansions will see job growth for the local population”

We will have to see where this goes in the coming year and see if 2080 really is the year of Spinrad or if Johnny Spinrad is just blowing smoke like all of the other AAA mega CEOs do