Fear the Dark Labeled as Terrorists in Azania

January 8th, 2080

The group known as Fear the Dark has been declared as a terrorist group by Azania. This comes just days after an attack by FtD in cape town that killed 50 people. The scene of the attack had another warning to fear the dark and to stay in the light if they wish to live. It seems this message may have been referring to the megacorporations as the dark. This would make sense as cape town does have quite a few megacorps in the area, and there is rumor that these megas are doing something to the SINless of the area. Azania has become the 17th country to label Fear the Dark as terrorists. The group seems to have been formed around the Seattle area and spread from there. There is no word on whether they have managed to get in the FRFZ or not. What we do know is that there has not been an increase in HMHVV cases in recent months. This is not proof they are not here, just that if they are here they have been here for years and are not actively attacking the people here. We will be keeping an eye on this for any new information that comes out of the shadows on this.