City Says, "New Look" To New Year’s Ball

December 27th, 2079

Before Christmas Ghostwalker released a statement that with the new year coming he was going to have a new "Ball" to be dropped at midnight to continue the tradition of the world and its new year celebration. This new ball is said to be arriving during the week of Christmas and will be put up on top of Union Station where the previous one was. This one is said to be bigger and based on the height of the tower on Union Station, be much taller as well. The work was done by a UCAS native name Yuri Popov, with the trouble Ghostwalker has had with him choosing artists for tasks lately he hired out to a company that specializes in animatronics, Amala Animatronics Corp. From what we have found on the company, they have been known for making animatronics that hangs on display in the world’s mall, and in the old NeoNET archology in St. Louis. We will have to wait and see what the new "ball" looks like.