CEO of Bancroft Industries killed?

January 28th, 2080

This past Sunday Mr. Bancroft was killed. He is known for being the head of Bancroft Industries and for being the first CEO of a company that is a personafix. Because of this second fact, Bancroft is back to work already in a new WIMP that he had in waiting. The MItsuhama Security forces claim that Mr. Bancroft killed himself with his own pistol, although Mr. Bancroft does not believe this and for some reason doesn’t remember the two days leading up to his death. When asked what he was going to do about this, Bancroft responded by saying “I have a private investigator look into the matter to find the real culprit behind my death. I have full confidence in them and I am told they are the best in the business.” Bancroft would not go into any more detail on the matter nor mention who this private investigator is. Maybe they will find something that Mitsuhama missed.