Explosion in Aurora

March 16th, 2080

The Aurora warrens saw a huge explosion yesterday, coming from the region around a human only gang. The ZDF did not respond that far in, although they are working on cleaning up the warrens and getting everyone in their SINs so they can integrate back into the rest of society. This is in line with the troll sages that Ghostwalker has been working on over the past few months. The ZDF said they did send in a group much later to see if it was an intentional attack on the group, not that anyone would mind, or if they some how did it themselves. The current word is only based on rumors from the warrnes. But the word is that they were attacked and ended up blowing themselves up with explosives vests they were building. Good thing they blew up there and not where ever they were planning to attack.

Safe Life Defense under Investigation

March 20th, 2080

After an anonymous tip with emailed documents to back up the claims we here at The Front Range Herald looked into a possible scandal at Safe Life Defense’s Vitals medical company. What we found is a bit disturbing and has such been released to ZDF to dig into further. But here is what we can tell you currently. Safe Life Defense seems to have continued what the previous owner of the clinics and hospitals had been doing. There are records that shortly after their acquiring of the medical facilities several Human nation supporters managed to get hired back into the clinics and hospitals. Seeing the flaw in previous system they tried a new method to sterilize everyone who was not a mundane human. We don’t have an exact count yet for how many were affected, but it is probably best to double check yourself at another medical facility. This came at a time when the Hospital in Rosedale that is owned by Safe Life Defense was found to be infested with devil rats. Things are not looking great for the Vitals branch of Safe Life Defense.

CC and UN to hold international Summit

March 3rd, 2080

We missed the reporting on this as we had bigger new here at home, But back in late January the United Nations and the Corporate Court held an International Summit with the grand opening of the Skyhook Space Elevator down in Panama City. The Elevator has been partially operational since 2074, although this summit marks the full completion of the elevator. This is 5 years ahead of the projected schedule from 2074. This is great news all around as this elevator kept seeing delay after delay from its approval for construction in 2062. We do not have word yet on exactly what was talked about at the summit, more on that to come.

Genesis Medical having huge success

March 5th, 2080

The brand new medical company Genesis Medical is reporting record high first week patient numbers. This may have something to do with their current placements around the FRFZ with clinics and hospitals, it may also be completely false. While they are certainly seeing people coming and going, we sat outside one for a few hours yesterday and didn’t see nearly enough people to make the numbers they are claiming. This doesn’t mean they didn’t have those numbers in their first week though, this could just mean the flow of people has slowed down. Only time will tell.

Safe Life Defense losing Doctors

March 2nd, 2080

Safe Life Defense took over the Paladin health hospitals just over a year ago when Ghostwalker kicked the company out of the FRFZ. It seems that while they did manage to clean house and get the hospitals back on their feet. The clinics and hospitals in the area are now offering up job positions, some of which are even surgeons and head doctors. The rumor is that they are losing doctors to the new Genesis medical Hospitals and Clinics that are popping up around the FRFZ, We have been unable to confirm this at this time. More will be to come.

Head in the Clouds Scandal

February 20th, 2080

The PCC have released their findings, it seems that Head in the Clouds was doing something that is frowned upon in the international community as a whole, and illegal to the corporate court. The PCC says that they have reported the full list of findings to the court in case there are still members of the company left for them to go after. What we do know about the Scandal is that they used WIMPs of people they had turned into e-ghosts then let their customers do whatever they wanted to the WIMPs before a new one was used to replace them with the same personality living through it repeatedly.

PCC reports Head in the Clouds was shot down, possibly hundreds dead

February 16th, 2080

The PCC reported Wednesday the 14th that the floating corporate building Head in the Clouds made its way towards their country. The report states they hailed the vessel four times to let it know that it did not have clearance to cross the border. In their final warning before it crosses the border they warned it will be shot at as it does not have extraterritoriality and thus requires full clearance to be in their airspace. Shortly after it crossed the border, it seemed like the engines on it started to fail before the PCC sent surface to air missiles to intercept. The resulting explosion could be seen for miles as it was even above the mountains at the time. It was not visible for long though as it crashed into the mountainside. PCC authorities went to the crash site to try to find out what caused the vehicle to head across the border like that. What they found was disturbing to say the least. They found over 100 bodies in the wreckage, no one was at the helm, which seems to have been programed to go across the border by someone. They also found the dead body of the owner of the company, Lei Yanyu, in her apartment on board. The PCC is still looking into who all of the bodies belong to before releasing any more info

Reports of ghouls in Aztlan

February 22nd 2080

After the incident in Colorado Springs, there are reports of ghouls coming out of aztlan and into the PCC, these reports are being corroborated with employees of Spiritech that has an office in northern Aztlan. The office there is reporting that they have to regularly use their security system to fend of ghouls that come out during the night. They are currently working on finding the source to stop the continuation of the issue

Colorado Springs residents being asked to move

Colorado Springs residents are being asked to head north for a few days while ZDF and the watchers do some training. According to the order, it is to protect citizens while they do training in the city. The ZDF say this should be the only time they will do the training this was as they are working on a fake city to train in between Denver and the springs. They appreciate the cooperation and have promised that they will keep the damage to a minimum and repair any damage that may be done.

New Floating Building Coming to Denver

A new floating building is making its way into Denver, it just got clearance Tuesday to fly through Sioux territory. The building doesn’t move very fast so it may be a week or so before it gets here, but the company behind it (Head in the Clouds) is promising an experience you can’t experience anywhere else. They claim that you can experience any fantasy you wish to, with out the need for BTLs. If this turns out to be true, then it will be a revolution for the personal fantasy industry. The price to go up there is astronomical, and they are saying the first couple visits will be through BTLs so that they can cater to your wishes and have it ready before you arrive.

PCC reports large dirigibles coming from Aztlan

The PCC has reported multiple extremely large dirigible like craft coming from Aztlan air space. Aztlan is reporting they are not any of their ships. The PCC has been trying to hail the ships to get their course and possible divert, to no avail. The PCC have said that if they have not heard anything by the time they enter PCC airspace proper they will send fighters to investigate. Lets hope this doesn’t end up like another Shin-Delta flight 401.

Watchers in Colorado Springs

Over the last few days there have been multiple reports of Ghostwalker’s watchers turning up in Colorado Springs. The current count based on reports is 14 confirmed drakes, our sources confirmed for us that those are all Watchers for Ghostwalker himself. No one has been able to confirm that something big is going on down there, but that is our suspicion. When asked for comment, Colonel Bennett of the ZDF said the influx was for a standard training drill down at the base south of the city. Hopefully they will let the public know if there is something coming.

CEO of Bancroft Industries killed?

January 28th, 2080

This past Sunday Mr. Bancroft was killed. He is known for being the head of Bancroft Industries and for being the first CEO of a company that is a personafix. Because of this second fact, Bancroft is back to work already in a new WIMP that he had in waiting. The MItsuhama Security forces claim that Mr. Bancroft killed himself with his own pistol, although Mr. Bancroft does not believe this and for some reason doesn’t remember the two days leading up to his death. When asked what he was going to do about this, Bancroft responded by saying “I have a private investigator look into the matter to find the real culprit behind my death. I have full confidence in them and I am told they are the best in the business.” Bancroft would not go into any more detail on the matter nor mention who this private investigator is. Maybe they will find something that Mitsuhama missed.

Mile High University in talks with Wuxing over Compound

Febuary 2nd, 2080

In the weeks following the announcement from Wuxing, it seems Mile High University has been busy. They announced Wednesday that they had proof that Wuxing’s new compound was based off of work from one of the University’s professors. Wuxing responded to the claim asking to see this proof and that they would like to sit down and have talks with the school over production rights if the evidence is correct. Currently the two are in talks over the incident, and with ghoul attack and subsequent burning of Hudson people in the FRFZ are really hoping the two can work something out and get to producing the Compound.

Fear the Dark Didn’t Attack Hudson?

Febuary 1st, 2080

After weeks of investigating the attack in Hudson and the subsequent attack on Mr. Thomas, the Harker Organization has determined that Fear the Dark is not actually behind the attacks. The organization says that they had ruled out Fear the Dark fairly quickly, although they did not announce it until they had a lead on the actual culprits behind the attack. Harker organization has been given permission from Ghostwalker himself to pursue and destroy the actual attackers. Harker also told me that they are sending a team to where they believe the group is hiding out in.

Hudson Burned

January 28th, 2080

A week after the attack on Hudson was turned to feral ghouls and subsequently killed, the town was attacked again. This time it seems that some ghouls had managed to escape and had come back, most likely because of they were not completely feral and remembered that is where they live. When this happened, some travelers reacted a bit harsher than they should have given they were travelers and burned the entire town to the ground.

Any evidence that was not already collected from the town as to who turned them all to ghouls was destroyed. Ghostwalker has announced that he will rebuild the town of Hudson. He is contracting it out to a local construction company, Litehouse Construction. This is the same company that helped rebuild what was the old Aztlan sector after they were forcibly removed last February.

Wuxing Announced New Compound

January 19th, 2080

In the light of all of the recent attacks, Wuxing has announced that they have made a break through in a compound for the hmhvv. They are saying that it is a strain III inhibitor. The break through happened yesterday after one of their researchers had a eureka moment and figured out something about aztechnologies strain II inhibitor and why it doesn't work on strain III. Dr. Ricard, a local professor at Mile High University, gave us a call and had this to say on the matter.

"The research wuxing is claiming came from one of their researchers sounds a lot like a research paper I am working on for the university. Until the exact research is released or the compound is sold I won't be able to say for sure. However if this turns out to be true, wuxing will be hearing from the universities lawyers."

When asked to comment on this statment wuxing did not respond. If we get a response from wuxing in the coming days we will update you the readers.

Wallace Thomas attacked

January 18th, 2080

Yesterday, while everyone's eyes were on Hudson, Wallace Thomas was attacked. Thomas was on a business trip to the FRFZ when he was attacked in a parking garage near the spiritech building near bolder. Like the last personal attack, Mr. Thomas managed to deffend himself and came out with only minor scratches. Mr. Thomas had this to say on it

"It was very strange when I was walking towards my car I heard what sounded like a pack of wild animals. That was when the sound got closer, I noticed it was ghouls so I pulled out my knife incase I couldn't make it to the top floor fast enough and had to fight some off. I got lucky though, their numbers were so great that they had trouble getting up the stairs. When ZDF arrived the ghouls were gone, and there was barely any trace of them."

It seems that these ghouls are taking bigger and bigger risks, to attack in the daylight like this is strange. The ZDF are reporting that they are finding evidence of only 3 ghouls, and are suspecting someone was using illusion magic on Mr. Thomas to confuse him. If anyone has any leads on who is behind these attacks they are to contact the ZDF tip line at DEN-0933

Fear the Dark claiming attacks!?

January 17th, 2080

Fear the Dark is claiming responsibility for the attacks on both the draco foundation employee and the church in Hudson. The claim comes hours after the attack in Hudson was dealt with and stopped. There is no word on whether there are any markings in the church or at the estate to fear the dark, which is their normal call sign. The ZDF is taking the claim seriously though and is looking into all known fear the dark agents that may be in the area.

Hudson Church turned

January 17th, 2080

Reports are coming in that a small church in Hudson, FRFZ has been turned to ghouls and other strains of HMHVV. The ZDF has been sent out to deal with the situation, however the reports are saying that they have lost about a dozen men to the infected. A local organization that deals with the HMHVV professionally has been called in to deal with the situation. We will update you later with more information on the attack.

Update: After the arrival of the local organization, their team made quick work of the vampire outbreak. The outbreak is contained and there is now an investigation into the exact cause of the outbreak